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I’m an altruist on a mission: to amplify messages that matter.


At 8 years old, and after being denied her request for a $5 weekly allowance, Lauren approached her father with an alternate proposal that aligned with his favorite pastime: she would learn to tie fly fishing flies, and receive payment for each quality fly she produced. After honing this entirely new craft, tackle boxes in the Ito household were overflowing with flies. Lauren was raking in more per day than the allowance she originally requested for the week—even selling her improved version of the elk hair caddis to fly fishing enthusiasts, and a tackle shop in Montana.

This same knack for resourceful innovation and hunger to learn drives Lauren’s creative approach to problem solving. Her professional experience spans from startups in the Silicon Valley to fair trade brands in Guatemala to nonprofits in Nicaragua and social impact projects at the United Nations. In a world filled with white noise, Lauren is fueled by a mission is to amplify messages that matter. She connects organizations rooted in altruism, authenticity, and community to customers who resonate with those same values.