poet, community craftswoman, designer


“Literature should…be at the service of mankind. For that very reason, poetry should also be political.”

-Ernesto Cardenal



A bit about me…

Lauren Ito is a gosei (fifth generation Japanese American) poet, photographer, and community craftswoman from an island outside Seattle. Her writing explores the tensions of choice and force within identity, inheritance, and home. Lauren’s work has been featured by The Seattle Times, Japanese American Citizens League, National Japanese American Historical Society, Bay Area Generations, and in various performance venues, including the Mission Arts Performance Project, Talk Story Oakland, and Gears Turning. Her most recent publication is the San Francisco’s Poet Laureate’s series, The City is Already Speaking. She lives in San Francisco, and can almost always be found by the sea.


Publications Include

Fellowships and Awards

  • The Grotto San Francisco Rooted and Written Fellow (2019)

  • Novalia Collective Fellow (2019)

  • Japanese American Citizens League/Asian American Advocates Leadership Fellow (2019)

  • Santa Clara University Multicultural Center Writing Award (2014)

Performance Features and Curations Include

  • Lit Crawl San Francisco (2019)

  • Our Roots Run Deep, Then They Came for Me Museum Exhibit (2019)

  • The Fire Thieves reading series with San Francisco Poet Laureate (2019)

  • Mission Arts Performance Project (2019)

  • San Francisco BEAT Museum (2019)

  • National Japanese American Historical Society WAVES Showcase (2019)

  • Novalia Collective Showcase: This is My Body (2019)

  • Bay Area Generations (2018)

  • Japanese American Citizens League National Convention (2018)

  • Gears Turning (2018)

  • Empowering Womxn of Color Open Mic (2018)